These are some examples of my personal projects. I have always wanted to be a creator of ideas in my mind but can not begin to tell you how bad I am at painting. I had a difficult time as a child playing hangman because no one could recognize the stick figure. So in the digital world at least I have a chance. Here I can mix and match images that would otherwise not be possible or otherwise too expensive without a Hollywood budget. I have done quite a few of these for magazines and book covers as many people think that photography stops at the shutter click. If you have an idea for a family portrait, holiday card, event, ad, or you are wanting something special for that blank wall in your home or office, I would love to work with you on the project. This type of image creation is called compositing but I prefer the term Story Art.

When creating these type of images it is done in layers in Photoshop. I had run across an animation that helps the layperson visualize the layers involved in such an image. I decided to try it myself with 2 images. You might enjoying the visual effects and seeing how these layers come together. This is an over simplification but hopefully gets the general idea across.