More photos just may mean fewer buyers

We’re inundated with advice on how to get more exposure for our listings online. Having as many photos as possible will supposedly increase the quality of our listings. MLSs are expanding the number of photos allowed in listings, often to 25 or more.

Creating the most breadth of digital media for your listing might be a good goal if you worked for a portal. They need more content to drive traffic. Your job, on the other hand, is to sell the home.

If nine great photos are the best way to entice a buyer to visit the home, why upload 25? There are 3.5 bathrooms in the home. You’ve input that data, but why add a photo of the unattractive basement bath? If a potential buyer gets a warm fuzzy feeling when viewing a half dozen photos of the home’s best features, why let that feeling die in the dregs of utility rooms and garages?

It might sound cynical, but you’re not in the business of creating the wikipedia of real estate images. You’re working for your bottom line and your sellers’ satisfaction. Any agent with experience will tell you that a buyer’s list of 20 “must-haves” can be cut in half when they walk into the home that just feels right. Creating an inaccurate presentation of the home wouldn’t be ethical, but choosing not to focus on a home’s less-than-optimal features is just logical.

Limiting the photo presentation you create in your MLS listing allows you to curate the visual experience potential buyers will have online. If you’ve got 25 great photos, post them. If not, put on your marketing hat, and be strategic with which photos you publish.

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